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Unkle Bubbas Meds was one of the Bay Area’s top Cannabis Delivery services specializing in high-quality and efficent delivery processes. During its first 4 years in operation Unkle Bubbas Meds built the foundation of its business through wholesale and grassroots word-of-mouth. Looking to grow its business aggressively, Unkle Bubbas decided to invest heavily in direct-to-consumer digital marketing for growth and sales expansion.

Winner Marketing was hired by Unkle Bubbas Meds to lead all digital media planning and buying projects. These have included projects on social ad platforms like Facebook Ads, paid search initiatives on Google Adwords, ad campaigns on re-marketing channels, E-Mail marketing, DoubleClick, and numerous other digital ad buying channels.


Grow Unkle Bubbas from delivering to a single city (Antioch CA) to serving the entire Bay Area Region

Build and optimize a new customer acquisition model to acquire new customers
'Let’s say this company is a miracle worker... After working together for the past year and a half I can honestly say they are the best Digital Marketing company in the Bay Area... They took us from nothing online wise to over 15k followers! When it comes to Fb/Google Ads they nearly tripled our clients and put us all Over the Bay Area! These guys are legit! ..."



Winners Marketing established a new customer acquisition funnel focusing on brand visibility, engaging new customers, and generating  ecommerce sales.


Winners worked with in-house development resources to make sure that channels such as Google Shopping and Dynamic Retargeting were fully functional and optimized to their full capabilities .

Advanced Tracking

In order to properly assess top-of-funnel audience acquisition campaigns; Winners Marketing worked closely with Unkle Bubbas Meds and partners to establish very specific objectives and then optimized towards those objectives.