Nike Inc. & Fear Of God

Advertising Platforms

Youtube, Instagram, Facebook, Search,  & Display

What We Did



Incrementally Testing

Audience + Market Exploration

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Nike’s mission is to help empower not only athletes but everyday people around the world. This collaboration with Fear Of God was geared directly towards street wear and everyday people.

Winners Marketing helped Nike and Fear Of God to scale, learn, and adapt to a new market opportunity. This helped beat Nike and Fear Of God’s exceptions by nearly 300%.  



Incremental Testing

Understanding the genuine effect of marketing efforts is significant to long haul achievements. We arranged a progression of incremental tests to build up baselines. As well as to have a persistent incremental estimation cycles to accomplish and achieve a large ROI growth.

Brand Lift

For channels with high engagement ad experiences such as Instagram, Youtube, and Facebook, we ran reiterative brand lifts to get a look on initial brand lift effectiveness and to gain valuable insights on creative learnings, and audience strategies for estimated eventual return.

Audience Evaluation

Just like any organic Social media project, not everyone who sees your product is equal. Creating a tiered strategy for differing audiences for new market opportunities based on different funnel values across search + programmatic helped develop the right balance between organic targets and expected return.