Alexander Walker-Griffin for Hercules 2020






What we did

Web Design 

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E-Mail Marketing 

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Most Votes in Hercules city council history
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Alexander was appointed to the California Community College Board of Governors by Governor Jerry Brown to represent 2.2 million students and help govern the nation’s largest system of higher education. On the board, he voted to make community college tuition-free for the first two years. He is also one of the founding members of Calbright College, the nation’s first 100 percent online community college.

Winners Marketing was hired to do one thing. Help Alexander win office. Did we do it? Absolutely. Heres how we did it, we ran several highly targeted digital campaigns via Facebook, Youtube, and E-Mail marketing.   


Help Alexander Walker-Griffin become the youngest city council member in Hercules CA history.


Pin-Point Targeting

Winners Marketing worked with in-house development resources to make sure that channels such as Facebook Ads, Youtube Ads, and Dynamic Retargeting were fully functional and optimized to their full capabilities. 


In order to properly assess top-of-funnel audience voter acquisition campaigns, Winners Marketing worked closely with Alexander and partners to establish very specific objectives and then optimized towards those objectives

Personalization at scale

We took an email list of 20,000 voters and personalized it based on party registration, age demographic, income level, & voting patterns. We then framed all the emails geared towards those specific individuals based on those attributes.