Proven. Innovative. Winners.

At Winners Marketing, we like to win – but we don’t need the win for us, we want the win for you. A digital marketing company located in the heart of the Bay Area contributing to the growth of businesses both domestically and internationally as we strive to produce your vision of success.

We have helped businesses all over the Bay Area achieve their digital marketing goals. Your company’s online presence and social media are how this day and age are recognizing businesses. We’re here to give you the best version of your ideas and make it as seamless as possible.


This is completely about you and YOUR brand. We want to make your visions come true!
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We Eat Sleep and Breathe Digital Marketing

We’re dedicated to making your brand stand out. We look for new ways to stay ahead of our competition day in and day out. Each winner is unique in how they represent themselves and we pride ourselves on keeping your brand the same - one of a kind.
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Fit for your Budget!

You shouldn’t have to pay an arm and a leg to invest into your company. Design the package that works best for you and your company!
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Industry Leading Results

We've helped dozens of companies take their online presence to the next level! We have a dedicated team for each service we provide so we can give you the best results possible!
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Radical Transparency

Some would question us on this, but we believe that 100% transparency is the key to any relationship. We don’t hide our mistakes, rather we embrace them. That’s what makes us who we are. Winners.
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We work so you can rest

We do all the lifting for you! Focus on the important things going on in your business - we’ll just see you at the finish line!
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Stay up to date with our Weekly Reviews

When you work with Winners, you will always be informed about how your marketing is performing and see where your money is being spent!
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Strength in Numbers

You know the saying; “Numbers don’t lie.” We take pride in our clients results, and we do whatever it takes to maximize their hard earned money


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Our services

Social Media

Our team is filled with Highly-Skilled Specialists that are trained and prepared to help accomplish all the goals you aspire to hit! Duh, we want you to win!
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Probably the most crucial part of your business and its existence on the internet. Getting to the Top Position on Google is vital according to a study in 2019. The article states that, “88% of consumers will interact with a local business within 24 hours of searching for it on a mobile device.”
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Pay-Per Click is basically what it says - you pay for each time your ad gets “Clicked” on. You can have a certain budget on each keyword or no limit at all! It’s all up to you and your aspirations.
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Digital Consulting

Looking for advice on revamping your brand? No worries. We’ll guide you in the right direction and help you get on track!
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To stay on top of your goals, we suggest having Weekly, Monthly, or Yearly Check ins. Staying up to date with your business ideas is our main priority.
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Web Design

Looking to refresh your look? Or is your website still stuck in 2010? Don’t worry, we'll bring you back to this decade and beyond with our Detail-oriented and Highly Converting Websites!
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Graphic Design

Looking for something perfect to represent you and your brand? We have a team of highly skilled graphic designers who are eager to work with you and help you meet your design needs.
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Content Creation

Photo? Video? Audio? No matter the direction you're trying to go, we will ensure you have the best High-Quality content out there!
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We stay up-to-date on all the new things happening in marketing. We look extensively across all the platforms to see what's changed so you don't have to!
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Customers reviews

What people say?

Let’s say this company is a miracle worker... After working together for the past year and a half I can honestly say they are the best Digital Marketing company in the Bay Area... They took us from nothing online wise to over 15k followers! When it comes to Fb/Google Ads they nearly tripled our clients and put us all Over the Bay Area! These guys are legit! But now comes to the sad/happy part. The only reason I’m writing this is bc we’ve recently been bought out by a larger company and we just wanted everyone to know how great Winners Marketing is and how well the deliever! 12/10 recommend!
Cannabis delivery service
Winners Marketing definitely lives up to there name! They are perfect for anyone who is serious for taking their online presence/Sales to the next level. There website design is second to none and they even make it optimized to mobile free of charge. They are the best When it comes to online ads as well. They helped us from losing money on ads to $3.6 ROI per dollar spent on Facebook/Instagram ads and $4.01 on Google ADs. Our following has since doubled in the past 5 months since working with them as well! Thank you for everything Winners!
Eric Lee
Relator & E-commerce

The Ones Who Run The Show:

Victor Romiti

The Founder

The one who founded this whole thing. Victor likes Spending his free time reading. He is currently taking up underwater basket weaving! He is also a master of pin-point targeting to make sure his clients don’t lose a dime on adspend! He has worked with platinum selling artist, multi-million corporations, and small businesses.   

Samantha McGinley

The enforcer

Outside of the office, Sam enjoys  reading and going to the beach. If it wasn’t for the pandemic, exploring countries for their natural beauty and traveling would be included.  She is a double major in communications and French and hopes to learn about various cultures. She is the one who keeps “The OG” & “The Doer” in check!

Seth Moberg

The Doer

Well, Seth is more of an action guy so he doesn’t do much talking. But, he does enjoy long walks on the beach.  He is also a fantastic content creator working with Fear of God, Nike and Streetball Legend “The Professor” who has 5.33 Million Subs on Youtube. He is the one to make all of your dreams come true when it comes to content creation 


1365 Hull Lane Martinez, California 94553